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VFFS Baggers

Continuous Motion Baggers
Intermittent Motion Baggers

Continuous Motion Baggers

Novus Doy Quad

Novus Doy/Quad

Designed for both high-speed packaging and modular rapid changeover to produce high-quality stand up pouches 

Novus Continuous Motion Bagger


High-speed packaging up to 200 ppm. Complete flexibility. 

Intermittent Motion Baggers

Ultima ST VFFS Food Packaging Bagger

Ultima ST

Entry-level, durable stepper technology for medium-speed packaging applications with speeds to 100 packages per minute

Ultima SV VFFS Food Packaging Bagger

Ultima SV

Servo technology for high-speed packaging applications with speeds up to 120 packages per minute 

Logic VFFS Food Packaging Bagger

Logic C

Flexible bagger with high-speed stepper technology. Modular design with rapid format change 

Logic Flex Variable Incline VFFS Food Packaging Bagger

Logic F

Ideal for fragile products with variable inclination

Logic VFFS Food Packaging Bagger

Logic S

High performance servo motor with flexibility in bag shapes, accessories and devices

Aura LD

All servo intermittent motion VFFS technology with chainless jaw mechanism means less serviceable parts

Aura LF

Designed with the operator in mind, incorporating the fastest changeovers, integrity sealing and ease of operation


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